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Raising the Bar for Corporate Responsibility

Three Pillars of Sustainable Development

Landis+Gyr is committed to sustainable development and we are dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen. We demonstrate this commitment via three essential pillars: greening by technology, greening of processes, and greening of products. Our smart metering technology allows for intelligent and responsible use of natural resources and the integration of alternative energy sources. We are constantly striving to optimize our supply chain and to innovate products that enable sustainable development.

Leading by Example

Our goal is to help companies and consumers reduce their carbon footprint by managing their energy better. To lead by example, Landis+Gyr’s production processes integrate recycling programs, avoid the use of harmful chemicals and minimize waste. Additionally, we comply with ISO environmental regulations and standards.

Code of Business

Landis+Gyr’s Code of Business Conduct dictates the highest standard of ethics with fundamental principles and key policies and procedures. All of our over 6,000 employees are committed to upholding these standards. Any staff members with questions or concerns about matters addressed in the Code are encouraged to seek assistance from their supervisor or Compliance Officer. The Code is a statement of policies for individual and business conduct and does not, in any way, constitute an employee contract or an assurance of continued employment.

Download our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Sustainability Report

To hold ourselves accountable to our mission of managing energy better, Landis+Gyr has engaged an independent company to measure our own carbon footprint since 2007. Detailed greenhouse gas emission data is routinely collected and analyzed for improvement opportunities. Overall, we have reduced our emissions by 40 percent!

Download our Sustainability Report

Corporate Social Responsibility Directive

Our Corporate Social Responsibility  Directive, as part of a set of comprehensive policies, control mechanisms and certifications governing our internal and external operations, manifests what drives our behavior every day. This Directive outlines Landis+Gyr’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which does not end with its environmental practices and innovations, it also includes respect for fundamental human and labor rights, as well as stringent health, safety, and environmental standards.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Landis+Gyr’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers states the central principles, key policies, and procedures governing the cooperation between Landis+Gyr and each of its suppliers. The Code ensures that Landis+Gyr conducts all of its procurement activities in accordance with the law, as well as with the principles of the UN Global Compact and of the Responsible Business Alliance.

Download our Supplier Code of Conduct 

Green Procurement

We have a responsibility to perform a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impacts of our products throughout their life cycles at every phase, from product manufacturing and usage through to recycling of end-of-life products. We promote Green Procurement as a measure during the manufacturing phase, involving the purchase of products, parts and components and materials with minimal environmental impact from suppliers that vigorously promote environmental protection.

Download our Green Procurement Requirements
Download our Supplier Declaration Certificate


Landis+Gyr’s Quality, Environmental, Health, and Safety (QHES) Policy ensures that our high-quality products and services work in harmony with the environment to improve the way consumers use energy. It also means we strictly adhere to all health and safety regulations for the benefit of our employees.

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