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Street Light Smart Sensors

Smart sensors make smart cities. From street lighting to energy management, the role of sensors has grown. Automating street light operation is nothing new. But with the rise of intelligent sensors, street light management is now another piece of the smart community solutions utilities provide. Read more

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  • Radar-based traffic sensing provides vehicle and pedestrian traffic count and speed data
  • Sensors warn of emergency vehicle approach, presence of children, wrong-way travel
  • Provides visual signal when drop in ambient temperature creates potential for freezing
  • Enables low-cost system for noise profiling and management across communities
  • Cost-effective pollution sensing with built-in networking and utilities grid connection
  • Enhanced safety features including health monitoring and outage detection
  • Improved energy and asset management
  • Enables layered Intelligence – Intelligence when and where you need it
  • Serves as a foundation for smart city applications
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