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Meter Data Management System

SmartData for Outage Management

Analytics for Improved Outage Response and Restoration Support. Read more

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Why Landis+Gyr makes a difference.

  • Leverage Smart Meter investment with analytics for outage and restoration events to scope size and verify restoration.
  • Identify the presence of nested outages after major storm events with real-time analytics.
  • Proactively work blue-sky outages throughout the service territory during normal business hours.

When Every Minute Counts

When the electricity goes out, every moment counts for the utility and its customers. SD-OM provides a real-time engine that is unmatched in the market:

  • Allows the utility to view outage status moment by moment
  • Provides the utility with the data necessary to accurately report on the restoration process as often as necessary
  • Gives a side-by-side view of outage status as derived from AMI data with outage status as determined by the OMS
  • Provides the ability to execute parameter-driven queries of outage state and event data with drill-down capabilities
  • Connectivity model of protective devices, distribution transformers and meters enable SD-OM to perform a high level of analysis
  • Configurability based on Modes, Regions, and AMI technology allows for a high degree of tailored behavior
  • Anticipated outages for common maintenance activities allow SD-OM to filter out occurrences that may contribute to unnecessary or redundant data from being processed
  • Event of Interest logic provides arbitration to determine immediately if each event is of value
  • Event Based Inferencing enables SD-OM to discover high-level causal event from seemingly independent service point event
  • State Based Inferencing is used to determine if endpoint outages can reasonably be assumed to be related to a transformer-level event
  • Restoration Verification will confirm that power has been restored once crews report that work is complete

With better use of actual outage and restoration endpoint data available through your existing and future smart meter assets, more accurate analysis and reporting are possible when it matters most.

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