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Landis+Gyr U-Series E350

The first Intelligent Endpoint, E350 is now available and ready to become a key component of your smart grid E350 is designed to allow field-upgradeable communication to address your future needs. Read more

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With rapid changes in communication technology it is very likely that the meter life will be cut short if the communications module is integrated with the meter.

E350’s patented modular design is unique in that it allows the existing communications module to be replaced with a new module without the need to replace the meter.

When the time comes to replace the communications module this can be done without disconnecting customer supply.

Communications module can be replaced without breaking main terminal cover seals. This allows replacement to be carried by unskilled labour instead of skilled technicians reducing re-installation costs.

Communications modules from new AMI solution vendors can be interfaced easily.

E350 supports the key ANSI (American National Standards Institute) communication standards chosen by leading module manufacturers.

  • ANSI C12.19 – ANSI standard for extracting and organising meter data in a specific format.
  • ANSI C12.18/12.21 – ANSI standards that describe protocols used for two-way communications between meter and module.

These standards have enabled E350’s interoperability with the SSN (RF Mesh), Gridstream (RF Mesh) andWiMAX (4G) modules. New modules can be easily interfaced as your requirements change.

E350 is designed to function as a traditional meter (standard type 5 or 6) by leaving the module section vacant. The flexibility exists to insert the communications module for an upgrade into a E350 smart meter at a later date.


  • Single Phase variant (available in 1 element and 2 element) – U1200/U1300
  • Three phase variant (available in whole current U3300 and CT U3350)
  • Remote reading of interval data, TOU and Events.
  • Local reading by hand-held device
  • Local and remote disconnect relay
  • Time-of-use (TOU) tariff
  • Ripple control – U1300
  • Under Frequency Load Control – U1300
  • Tamper detection and event logging
  • Quality of Supply monitoring
  • Loss of supply and outage detection
  • Supports Type 4, 5 and 6 meter readings
  • Controlled load management
  • ANSI C12.18/21 protocol for communications module
  • ANSI C12.19 data structures
  • Asia-Pacific