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SCADA Center

Intelligent Communication Gateway

Landis+Gyr’s Intelligent Communication Gateway (ICG) software enables utilities to acquire and concentrate data from multiple substation and field devices for use in utility enterprise applications that enable grid monitoring and control across Landis+Gyr’s multi-purpose network. Read more

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 This cost-effective and scalable software performs protocol conversion and intelligently manages communication bandwidth, maximizing throughput for real-time SCADA control.

Powerful Data Acquisition and Concentration

ICG’s data acquisition engine collects time-tagged data from devices over multiple channels and concentrates it into one or more slave devices.

Flexibility and Security

ICG units at different locations can be interconnected to form a distributed intelligence architecture that can be managed from a central location. Security is ensured by the built-in Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support or through use of an external firewall and encrypted VPN appliances. The result is a system that is fully compliant with North American Electrical Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP).

Integration of RF-Mesh Communication

The ICG solution enables edge intelligence by downloading polling and change-detection applications to Landis+Gyr radios. Change bands are customizable and can be managed from a central location. The solution is also able to support field devices from different manufacturers simultaneously. ICG works together with the RF-Mesh network to ensure high availability, security and low latency for mission-critical DA applications. The system has built-in protocol conversion, supporting industry-standards such as DNP3, Modbus, Multispeak, ICCP, as well as proprietary vendor protocol.


A Real-Time, Intelligent Communication Solution

  • Reduced Costs: Cut capital expenditures with a solution that runs on standard, Windows-based servers or hardened systems available from many manufacturers.
  • Highspeed: Transmit data quickly by combining it into one or more slave devices that can be assigned to serial and TCP/IP communication channels.
  • Security: Keep your network secure with built-in SSL support.
  • Flexibility: Mix field devices from different manufacturers using multiple protocols, and combine data reporting methods within the same protocol.
  • Time Tagging: Easily acquire and transmit time-tagged data, and add time tags when needed.
  • Seamless Integration: Interface seamlessly with the RF-Mesh network.


  • Communications interface to intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and remote terminal units (RTUs)
  • SCADA monitoring and control
  • Protocol conversion, data concentration, and front-end processing
  • Management and monitoring of radio networks ensuring high availability, security and low latency
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