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Being future ready means being able to develop and securely deploy edge intelligence apps that will not only address the use cases of today, but also those evolving for the future. This leaves many utilities grappling with how to address use cases they haven’t even imagined yet. What do you need to obtain the specific grid apps you require, and how can you get there quickly?

The Solution

Landis+Gyr’s open App Ecosystem is a flexible, secure platform designed to create and support the apps of tomorrow. It ​gives you the platform, tools, and developer community access to turn your grid management ideas into highly effective apps, using your own in-house resources, or experienced third-party developers.

The Gridstream Connect Apps Ecosystem consists of:

App Studio

Provides a Java-based Application Development Environment to allow developers to edit code, build, debug, and deploy apps. You can use App Studio to simulate a Revelo meter, or purchase the Revelo Developer Kit, which includes a physical meter for optimized app development.

App Marketplace

Where apps are published and made available for purchase. Manages the applications catalog and tracks versioning and app usage. It also manages subscription billing, payment methods, reconciliation, and payouts.

App Manager

App Manager enables the provisioning and registration for all endpoints within a Gridstream Connect network. It manages communication and app status among the meters, and manages the secure import, distribution, and installation of apps to endpoints.

App Lab

A rich technical resource, App Lab supports the Developer Community, App Studio, the App Marketplace, and App Manager, and manages the app review process.

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