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Distribution Automation

S610 Line Sensor

The S610 Line Sensor is a plug and play, power harvesting fault circuit indicator that brings dependable fault location and accurate load logging to any point along the electric distribution network. Designed to work within the Gridstream® RF communications network,… Read more

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  • Plug and play, installs in minutes
  • Power harvesting, no secondary power source needed
  • Integrated Gridstream network communication with auto registration
  • Secure Bluetooth for local communications
  • Over the air upgradeable
  • Comprehensive DNP3 points list
  • Alerts with location, fault specific information and directional power flow
  • Stores data and analyzes locally
  • Identifies faults on feeders and laterals
  • Measures current, voltage characteristics, conductor temperature
  • Calibrated for NIST traceability
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific