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Landis+Gyr E460 Three Phase G3-PLC

The E460 three phase meter is part of the E460 family of smart prepayment meters and is an advanced three-phase, multi-function, keypad-based, smart prepayment meter. Read more

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  • Three-phase, 4 wire smart prepayment PLC meter which works with a P160 PLC Customer Interface Unit
  • Integrated OFDM G3-PLC transceiver for two-way communications between the E460 meter, the P160 Customer Interface Unit and the DC450 Data Concentrator
  • Data Concentrator communications via WAN to the Head-end System (HES)
  • Open STS prepayment (IEC62055-41/51)
  • dlms/COSEM
  • Open International standard for PLC communications – OFDM G3-PLC
  • Terminal format – 3 phase asymmetrical layout
  • Event trigger and fraud logs with date and time stamps in the on-line mode
  • Voltage threshold settings with events logged when thresholds are exceeded
  • Remote disconnect and reconnect in the on-line mode (E460S type)
  • Load limiting control functions including fuse supervision
  • Four quadrant measurements with separate import and export registers
  • Changeable meter account modes such as post-payment (credit) or prepayment with either STS consumption (kWh) or STS monetary currency unit options
  • Configurable charge register capability, enabling flexible management of the meter’s prepayment account for both import and export energy
  • Emergency credit
  • Real Time Clock – synchronised by the Data Concentrator in the on-line configuration mode
  • Time of Use, with STS currency token transfer option in the prepayment mode
  • Meter has local LCD display
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa