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Landis+Gyr’s Mission

At Landis+Gyr, we share a vision to help the world manage energy better. Our experience helping digitize the power grid is a key factor in the successful deployments of solar and wind energy, electrification of transportation, and reshaping the load curve.


Grid Edge Technologies are the Foundation

A connected and intelligent grid is essential to the clean energy economy, enabling the electrification of transportation and the integration of distributed energy resources (DER).

Reaching green energy goals requires innovative technology solutions that provide more control and real-time data for utilities and consumers.

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AMI and Reliability: Fewer Outages, Faster Restorations, Improved Communications

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Renewables Integration: More Data, More Capacity

As of January 2019, the U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that non-hydroelectric renewable energy resources such as solar and wind will be the fastest growing source of U.S. electricity generation for at least the next two years.


Energy Management for Every Stakeholder

Landis+Gyr is excited to introduce Revelo™, the next generation of electric metering developed in collaboration with utility partners. Revelo brings together the best of grid, residential, and commercial metering, enabling real-time data and insights in new and unprecedented ways. Best of all, Revelo delivers consumer-friendly apps and features that make home energy management available to everyone.

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Consumer Benefits

Advanced metering and engagement tools provide consumers more flexible and accurate control over their energy usage. “Set and forget” capabilities and smartphone controls for home energy management allow more consumers to participate in programs that reduce emissions and save money.

Community Benefits

AMI and grid edge technologies support a variety of smart city applications, from efficient street lighting to traffic and environmental sensors. Additionally, these technologies help integrate electric transportation and support a clean energy economy.

Operational Benefits

AMI provides greater operational efficiencies, which lowers costs, improves grid reliability, and ensures utilities can react to and solve potential problems before they occur. As consumer electrification grows, AMI enables utilities to provide safe and reliable service.

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