Landis+Gyr Awarded Major Smart Water Contract by South East Water

The contract for 35,000 W350 ultrasonic and NBIoT water meters, integrated with network leak detection sensors, enables South East Water to gain valuable insights into its network assets 

Sydney, Australia – October 18th, 2021 – Landis+Gyr Pty Ltd., a subsidiary of Landis+Gyr Group AG (SIX: LAND), has signed a multi-year contract with South East Water to provide 35,000 smart water meters integrated with the utility’s network leak detection sensor, Sotto®. This enables the innovative Melbourne-based utility to operate its assets more efficiently while helping its customers to sustainably monitor and manage their water use daily.  

South East Water, an early adopter and market leader of digital technology, has been trialing smart water meters across metropolitan Melbourne to detect both network and customer leaks early before they turn into bursts. As announced in our release in September, there are already 5,000 of Landis+Gyr’s W350 ultrasonic and NB-IoT meters, integrated with leak detection sensors, installed across South East Water’s network as part of its digital utility program. The preliminary results have been promising in locating leaks unknown to the network operators and customers. The smart water meters have also prevented customer disruption, and led to a more efficient, reliable service that can lead to lower customer bills. 

“The additional 35,000 Landis+Gyr’s meters integrated with sensors will provide better insights into how faults can be managed efficiently and will help validate key assumptions around how we can improve network operations and maintenance. They will also provide great benefits to our customers, who will have access to their usage data and be alerted to any internal leaks in near real-time,” said Andrew Forster-Knight, South East Water General Manager, Digital Utilities. 

Landis+Gyr’s W350 ultrasonic and NB-IoT water meter integrated with network leak detection sensor, provide high accuracy throughout the meter life and near real-time data to help utilities optimize their network assets efficiently – while ensuring reliable service to customers. Combined with embedded NB-IoT communications, known for its low power consumption with wide coverage and reliability in underground locations and high-rise buildings, W350 increases the overall value of the business case for utilities.  

“Landis+Gyr is excited to be selected as South East Water’s technology partner to accelerate the adoption of connected devices in their digital utility program. We look forward to collaborating closer in utilizing valuable insights from our smart devices to shape the future of sustainable water management in this region,” said Rodney Chaplin, General Manager of ANZ, Landis+Gyr. 

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At South East Water, we’re driven by a purpose to deliver healthy water. For life. As one of Victoria’s three metropolitan water retailers, we support healthy and livable communities by delivering water, sewerage and recycled water services to 1.91 million people in Melbourne’s south east. Our customers live and work along 270 kilometres of coastline and across 3,640 square kilometres of land, from high-rise communities to growth suburbs, and from small agricultural holdings to large industrial areas. We work for every person and every part of the community – in homes, factories, offices, shopping centres, sportsgrounds, schools and on farms – so that each and every one of us can enjoy the benefits of a healthy environment inside and out. Working behind the scenes we have more than 500 engineers, scientists, analysts, emergency technicians, information technology staff and customer support people keeping existing systems running smoothly while also equipping them for the future. This includes $4.9 billion of assets that help us to delivers more than 137 billion litres of drinking water to our customers each year, and collect more than 108 billion litres of wastewater. To help create a better world for our customers, we’re always thinking and acting ahead to ensure we can always support our customers with reliable and affordable water services. Because we believe that water is essential for life and that everyone deserves access both now and in the future