Gridstream – Your pathway to better energy management

Gridstream is a flexible solution that can be tailored to your specific needs using Landis+Gyr portfolio of industry leading energy management products and services. Our technology has a proven track record of successful field installations. It is interoperable both on the system and meter levels, and you buy what you need, without compromising on your operational efficiency. We can address your energy needs either in one complete solution or through deployment of individual components, including metering devices, open communication modules and advanced software platforms.

Industry leading metering

The meter park infrastructure of Gridstream comprises a wide portfolio of Landis+Gyr smart multi-energy metering devices that represent the latest generation high precision technology for residential, commercial, industrial and grid networks. Majority of our meters can be easily upgraded for future communication needs and changing market requirements.

Enable seamless information flow and integration

Gridstream AIM is a fully integrated multi-energy software system that forms the backbone of the Gridstream solution. It streamlines utility processes by collecting, monitoring and managing the metering data. Open architecture and modularity of the software platform allow easy customization and integration with existing utility enterprise-wide software system. Gridstream AIM provides additional customer benefits through a number of value adding applications, such as Dashboard for easy browsing of metering data for the Customer Service Department, Site Manager for handling installation work and information flow, AIMIA for seamless data integration and InSight for proactive monitoring.

Our Smart Metering software Gridstream MDUS (Meter Data Unification and Synchronization) has been especially developed to meet increasing demands of SAP customers. Gridstream MDUS acts as the conduit between our Smart Metering and SAP for Utilities® systems providing two-way communication and enabling the unification and seamless integration of data. Up-to-date consumption data is available in the business system and a wide range of services, such as on-demand readings, connect/disconnect, and other, can be managed from a single “point of action”. The Gridstream MDUS communication interface enables integration with several head end systems, thus achieving a higher level of interoperability.

Balance energy supply and demand

One of the recent innovations from Landis+Gyr, which will bring utilities closer to the Smart Grid, is integration of our Load Management System and Gridstream AIM. Together the systems provide transparent energy consumption data and well-balanced loads within the entire network. The 3rd generation load management technology allows dynamic event-triggered control of load clusters, flexible remote parameterization for individual load switches and important load service information, directly from the customer information system. Load Manager System FPS LM is designed to control and manage the loads in the network and to provide the link to the SCADA command centre. Hybrid Load Switch L740 supports all 2nd generation ripple control standards as well as two-way power line carrier communications.

Engage your consumers

Many utilities have yet to harness the advantages of consumer engagement as one of the drivers in the liberalized market place. Our personal energy management tools can increase your energy efficiency by providing the opportunity of developing an appropriate mechanism for demand response. By reading actual energy consumption and tariff data displayed on EcoMeter, consumers will be encouraged to take control of their household electricity, gas and water use and adjust their consumption behavior accordingly.

You are welcome to see our latest Gridstream developments in action through live demonstrations at the Landis+Gyr booth in Metering Europe 2010!